‘Invisible’ Disabilities Require Employers To Be Sensitive, Remain Legally Vigilant

‘Invisible’ Disabilities Require Employers To Be Sensitive, Remain Legally Vigilant Please click here to read the article: Invisible disabilites Print PDF

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Amazing characters reveal their mental health diagnoses and their paths to overcome them

EPISODE: SCHIZOPHRENIA Brandon Staglin went from brilliant engineering student to institutionalized. Over the next decade he fought his way back, to help found a leading brain research organization. Click here: http://mentalhealthchannel.tv/episode/schizophrenia to view this inspirational personal and family story. Print PDF

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SA has been nominated for the 3rd Annual Scattergood Foundation Innovation Award.

Please add your supportive comment at: http://bit.ly/SA_Award Print PDF

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Local Recruitment (Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia) – How does Puberty Affect Brain Development?

Your healthy child age 8, 12 or 13, is invited to participate in an NIH outpatient research study that examines how puberty affects brain development. Participation includes 1-3 day outpatient visits to the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland every 8-10 months until age 17, for a physical examination, body measurements, questionnaires, MRI scans, bloodRead More

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myCME.com: Schizophrenia Medication Case Clinic

Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Medications for Schizophrenia: Changing Our Paradigms

TITLE: Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Medications for Schizophrenia: Changing Our Paradigms OVERALL DESCRIPTION: Approximately 1.1% of the population worldwide has schizophrenia, a prevalence that is relatively high due to the chronic nature and early onset of this disorder. Adherence to antipsychotic medication is crucial for minimizing the symptoms of schizophrenia and maximizing the patient’s function inRead More

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SARDAA Volunteers Recognized at Tom Braxton CD Launch Party

Tom playing from the “bridge”

A CD Launch Party for Tom Braxton was held at the home of SARDAA executive Director, Linda Stalters & Russ Stalters and was co-hosted by Dr. Jim and Sandy Anderson. Tom Braxton and Gianna, the vocalist has performed at the last two SARDAA Gala’s, Jazz On My Mind.  Tom Braxton and his wife, Sharon, areRead More

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Comments on ‘Out of the Shadow’ Documentary by the Filmmaker, Susan Smiley

pic of mother and two daughters

Nearly 6 years in the making, ‘Out of the Shadow’ is a deeply personal film that was truly a labor of love, as well as a mission. Many years ago, before I started making documentaries for a living, I knew there was one story I had to tell, a story I had no choice butRead More

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By Margery Wakefield (and friends) Tonight I am getting together with my friends – my friends being a dozen or so schizophrenics from the Denver, Colorado area. We get together every Monday night from 7:00 to 8:00pm to share our experiences, strength and hope with one another. In other words, to have an SA group.Read More

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Reflection of Memorial Day


Memorial Day was great this past weekend. Normally, this is a somber time for those of us who are veterans. As a veteran I can tell you that often I do not look forward to these veteran holidays and July 4th due to the fact that it often times brings up memories of not beingRead More

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Mental Health and the Media

The media, mental illness, and another shooter is securing the spotlight on a holiday that is meant for memorializing our heroes and honoring them. It is troubling and sublimely disheartening that our media focuses on yet another shooter. The most troubling aspect of this is that the media consistently no matter which shooter it isRead More

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