Member Stories – David

My relationship to the Schizophrenics Anonymous group? It’s two years, every Sunday, including game nights, Christmas parties and picnics. I first read an article in the paper and mentioned it to my mother, who had read it also. I called and talked to Joanne. I was afraid it was going to be self-pity group, but Joanne assured me the people were quite high functioning. As a matter of fact, my first impression was that the group was too high functioning. Led by Joanne’s formidable example, it seemed that everybody was trying pretty hard, and I was taken aback by the generally stressful (high energy) level of the meetings. The general impression the group first makes is that finally, here’s a place where my schizophrenia can be discussed with a sympathetic, like minded group. One finds that one can relate to specifics of the disease as they come up in the meeting. One often thinks, “I felt that too,” or “That’s happened to me.” It’s a relief!

We have also had some excellent speakers, specifically, a doctor from the Lafayette Clinic, who brought us up to date on the latest research. And now researchers think they have discovered a genetic basis for schizophrenia along with the psychological and emotional aspects.

There even was a time when my treatment was affected. I complained at a meeting how I was feeling. At the next session, the doctor gave me a little more medication in my injection. He did it only once buy my symptoms cleared up. Next month he went back down to the previous level.