Member Stories – Satoko

In 1999, at my therapist’s recommendation, I started attending SA meetings weekly. Her concern was my isolation from people. I was not able to express my own feelings prior to that. At the SA meetings, we are not alone struggling with this cruel disease. We talked about how we deal with the symptoms everyday and encourage each other to stick with our principles. After one year of struggling, I found a sense of hope. I started accepting both normal people and people who have mental illness by expressing myself honestly. Without help from people who were attending SA meetings, I am very sure that I could not accomplish this.

I am hoping that one day we all go through recovery steps and have compensated lives. Until then, we must never give up the idea that anybody could recover from mental illness. SA meetings are helpful for us to share our experiences. If somebody is suffering from mental illness, I recommend him or her to attend an SA meeting. I was one of them and am doing better today.