Six Steps for Recovery

  • I SURRENDER… I admit I need help. I can’t do it alone.
  • I CHOOSE… I choose to be well. I take full responsibility for my choices and realize the choices I make directly influence the quality of my days.
  • I BELIEVE… I now come to believe that I have been provided with great inner resources and I will use these resources to help myself and others.
  • I FORGIVE… I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made. I also forgive and release everyone who has injured or harmed me in any way.
  • I UNDERSTAND… I now understand that erroneous, self-defeating thinking contributes to my problems, failures, unhappiness and fears. I am ready to have my belief system altered so my life can be transformed.
  • I DECIDE… I make a decision to turn my life over to the care of a higher power/God, AS I UNDERSTAND that higher power/God, surrendering my will and false beliefs. I ask to be changed in depth.